Why does a guy dream about the days of the week - decoding nuances

In a love relationship, everything is important - from glance to touch and even dreams that may occur in a certain period of time.

Dreams will help answer many questions about how personal relationships will develop with this or that young man.

But before interpreting them, choose the most likely answer that suits your situation, and, of course, trust your intuition. This is what modern books write about what a guy dreams about on different days of the week.


The first day of the week is filled with bright solar energy. Dreams during this period are greatly influenced by intuition: your ability to anticipate “turns on” and allows you to see the true state of affairs.

Therefore, remember how events unfolded in your dream - most likely, they will happen in real life.

What does it mean if a guy dreams on Monday according to dream books:

  • The young man you dreamed about is in love or thinks about you incessantly. He wants to meet, so you should expect an invitation to a romantic date
  • If you are not in a relationship with the guy you dreamed about, then you should take a closer look at him. He may well become your life partner, give love and happiness

Why does a Man dream, what does it mean to see a Man in a dream?

Modern dream book

According to the dream book Man, what does a dream mean:

Seeing a Man in a dream - Nostradamus interpreted dreams about a man as follows: If you dreamed of a man sitting on a high rock, then in the distant future a great event will happen to you that will radically change your life. If you saw an evil, despotic person in a dream, it means a change of job. If you dreamed of a beggar, then big trouble will happen to you in the future, as a result of which you will lose your fortune, shelter and true friend. Dreaming about a rich man is a good omen. A comfortable life awaits you in the circle of people close to you. If in a dream you saw a wounded person, then someone close to you will face a serious test.

Why do you dream about the Hairless Man? Seeing yourself hairless in a dream means ruin; seeing children hairless is a shame; seeing your mother hairless means destruction.

Dream Interpretation A legless man chasing you means great difficulties and difficulties, which are very important to overcome for your future.

Dreamed/dreamed of Noseless (seeing yourself) - This is a dream-harbinger of some kind of venereal disease.

Lucky - If you saw yourself as the darling of fate, a very favorable prospect will open up before you. This dream promises you the fulfillment of your cherished desires and pleasant responsibilities. If you have lost heart, then after such a dream you will regain hope and faith in your strength. All this will help you lead your business to prosperity.

Dream Interpretation of the Gypsy Seraphim

Why do you dream about a Man in a dream?

Interpretation of the dream book: Personal traits: pure yellow - intelligence; goodwill, cheerfulness, self-confidence, optimism; golden yellow - wisdom, energy; lemon yellow - active mind, ingenuity. Possible physical abnormalities: digestive disorders, insomnia, nervous tension, constipation.

A persona is a personality that is portrayed through external means, usually through clothing or skin. Personality in dreams is very rarely personified, since it is something that is expressed by external means (for example, clothing), and not what it is internally. Usually this is the main motive, and not a dream figure. This is a dream in which something happens to our clothes, or we are naked, or partially naked, or dressed inappropriately. When a dream hero is personified, he always appears to be a creature of the same sex.

"I" is the highest, most spiritual aspect of the sleeper; the inner core of the common soul. In relation to women, the Self may be represented as a wise old woman, a priestess, a fairy, a mother, a queen or a princess. For men, the Self may appear as a king, a priest, a wise old man, a guru, a soothsayer, or a philosopher.

Dream Interpretation of the Healer Evdokia

Why do you dream of a Man in a dream?

Seeing a Man in a dream means Lucky. Being lucky in a dream means great luck, the fulfillment of your cherished desires, this is how the dream book interprets the dream you had.

Autumn dream book

Why see a Man in a dream?

Why do Noseless people dream (seeing themselves) - You will undergo the long-awaited plastic surgery to correct your nose.

Blond man - If you dream of a blond man trying to look after you beautifully, this is a sign of deception.

Pensive person - To see someone thoughtful in a dream - in reality you often think about the meaning of life.

Intellectual - Seeing a very intelligent and helpful person in a dream means running into a boor.

Exhausted person - Seeing an extremely exhausted person in a dream means dystrophy.

Chunky man - A chunky man dreams of trouble.

Invisible Man - Seeing an invisible man in a dream means fear.

A stooped man - A stooped man dreams of difficult work.

Frail person - To a surge of strength.

The Man in Black - The Man in Black dreams of a difficult, hopeless life.

Dark-skinned person - To the falsehood and hypocrisy that you will soon encounter.

Broad-shouldered person - You are naive, times have changed, do not expect help, rely on your own strength.

Gap-toothed man - An inveterate scoundrel will be near you.

Gap-Toothed Man - A stupid, flawed person will take advantage of your generosity and cause trouble.

Yakut - To disrespect among subordinates.

Spring dream book

Why see a Man in a dream?

According to the dream book, what does Man mean in a dream - To see yourself as noseless. You will get involved in the wrong business and you will really regret it.

Why do you dream about the Earless Man? Seeing a friend or relative without ears is a sign of new gossip. Seeing yourself without ears means divorce through gossip.

Dream Interpretation Earless - to gossip, rumors.

Why do you dream about the Tongueless Man? Seeing a person without a tongue means patience from your children; to see yourself without language - to songs, to feasts.

I dreamed/had a dream about a Blonde man (blonde, hair). - If in a dream you see yourself very beautiful, with blond hair, this means illness.

Blond man. Seeing such a person is alarming.

An intelligent person - to see an intelligent person in a dream is an insult to your dignity.

Exhausted person - to see an exhausted person in a dream - to learn about someone’s emotional experiences; to sympathy.

Stocky man - Seeing a stocky man in a dream means that you will have to compete with a big stubborn person.

A shaggy person means chaos in the house.

Invisible. To dream that someone is talking to you but is not visible, denotes a secret enemy.

A stooped person - to see a stooped person - to care, litigation.

Frail person - if you see a frail person, this means the child’s ill health and weakness.

Man in black. To destruction - if not the body, then the soul.

Dark-skinned person - a dark-skinned (dark-skinned) person dreams of mistrust and surveillance of someone.

A broad-shouldered person means you will gain strength and gradually cope with all troubles.

A gap-toothed man - a gap-toothed man dreams of a blatant lie.

Yakuts - to the misunderstanding that you will encounter on the part of people.

Summer dream book

Why see a Man in a dream?

Interpretation of the dream: Pensive person - Seeing someone thoughtful in a dream means sadness.

Intellectual - Talking in a dream with a truly intelligent person means experiencing beauty.

Exhausted person - Seeing an extremely exhausted child in a dream means a long-term and untreatable illness.

Stocky person - Stocky person - you have problems with your figure.

Invisible Man - Seeing an invisible man in a dream means some kind of secret.

A stooped person - A person without conscience and honor will seek an approach to you for his own benefit.

Frail person - To lack of money.

Man in Black - Seeing a man in black - get power and wealth without happiness.

Dark-skinned man - If you dream of a dark-skinned person, you will experience humiliation from an unfamiliar person.

Broad-shouldered man - Don't brush your friend off, you'll need him soon.

Yakut - To see a Yakut is to make a futile attempt to explain that you are right to a person who does not want to understand you.


Dreams on Tuesday usually foreshadow something bad. This could be a warning of danger, deception or betrayal.

What the dream books say:

  • If you are in a relationship with a guy, quarrels may start due to his fault. You learn about betrayal or lies on the part of a loved one
  • If you are not together yet, then you should be wary: this young man is not serious towards you. He can use you for his own selfish purposes, so be careful
  • If you had a nightmare involving a guy, this may mean that in real life you will be haunted by an obsessive fan, whose attention annoys you and does not bring positive emotions

Tuesday dreams can also indicate an imminent separation from a partner, his dissatisfaction or dishonesty.

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If a guy had a dream on Wednesday, don’t attach much importance to it. Such a dream is “empty”, so you can simply forget about it.

The exception is if you saw a dream involving a guy during the day, then this is a favorable sign. Such a dream promises an easy and pleasant acquaintance with a young man, which can lead to a long and happy relationship.


What dream books say:

  • Dreams on Thursday most often do not foretell the future, but tell something about the past. This is the result of your emotional experiences that find a way out in a dream. After analyzing the plot, you can understand what mistakes you made in the past
  • If you fall asleep very tired, then the dream will be empty and meaningless; you should not try to decipher its meaning
  • If you managed to see the young man’s face in all details, this means that a crisis period will come in your relationship in real life. There will be many circumstances that will be difficult to overcome.

Some sources indicate that in real life you can get help and support from a guy you dreamed about in some problematic situation. But only in a friendly way, there is no romantic overtones in this.


Friday is the time of prophetic dreams. Therefore, it is advisable to remember everything that you dreamed about, down to the smallest detail. The plot of the dream will most likely come true in real life.

Some dream book predictions:

  • If the image of a man is very bright, clear, you can remember him in the smallest detail, it means that in real life this person has strong feelings for you
  • If in a dream you spend time together: kissing, hugging, walking or making love, then the same thing will happen in real life


On Saturday, dreams are greatly influenced by Saturn, a planet with incredibly powerful negative energy. Therefore, you may dream of something very negative, strange, even frightening.

But don’t be upset: nightmares are just a projection of your fears, experienced negative emotions that the subconscious is trying to release through sleep.

Therefore, Saturday dreams do not come true, they only help you understand that some internal barriers are preventing you from building a relationship. In real life, everything can turn out pretty well with the guy you dreamed about.


If you dreamed of a person on Sunday, it means you will soon meet him in real life. Some dream books give other predictions:

  • The dreamed guy will very soon remind you of himself in real life: he will call, write or invite you on a date.
  • If in a dream he offended you or did something bad, in real life you should expect a gift or a pleasant surprise
  • Remember everything he said in a dream - perhaps you will hear something similar soon

Watch a video on the topic:

If a person dreams, it can mean a lot

Nowadays, great attention is paid to the sciences that study dreams, since dreams are a rather complex process, and so far science is only trying to explain the reasons for their appearance.

When a person sleeps, he can dream. A dream is a short film based on the images that appear in the mind of a sleeping person. Sometimes he carries with him some fragments from life that he remembers well. But often a dream is incomprehensible to a person, so he turns to many dream books that explain what the appearance of certain objects or personalities in a dream can mean. If a person dreams, it can mean a lot. There are many different guesses and hypotheses about the appearance of a person in a dream. Therefore, let's look at some of them.

In numerous dream books, assumptions about the appearance of a person in dreams are very contradictory. In some, predictors believe that if you dream about a person, it means absolutely nothing. And if he appears in your dream many times in a row, then you should think about why he is so chained to your subconscious. Some dream books believe that the appearance of the same person over several dreams indicates that you either harbor a grudge against him and cannot forgive, or you still have feelings for him and you cannot part with them.

There is one very popular version, which is based on the fact that a person dreamed about the hero of the film. Everything is absolutely clear here and you shouldn’t think too much. While watching a film, every person on a subconscious level develops a feeling for this character, and if something doesn’t work out or doesn’t work out for this character in the film, then you remember those cases when something didn’t work out for you either. And if you cannot put it together in your consciousness, then your subconscious can do it.

Also no less interesting is the case when you dreamed of a person who was already dead. It is this case that many experts and predictors are focused on, since a final answer to the question of why dead people come in dreams has not yet been given. But now there are several theories about this phenomenon. Some dream books write that this is a sign that you will soon have sad news about your relatives and that you need to be very careful. If you dream of a person lying in a coffin, then you will be haunted by failures. In addition, if in a dream you put coins on the eyes of a deceased person, then you will suffer from the actions of enemies who will take advantage of your kindness. If a deceased person appears in a young woman’s dream, this will be a harbinger of trouble due to her gullibility. There is also a theory that if you dream of a dead person, then something is holding him on earth and you need to visit his grave and light a candle for the repose of his soul.

Now let's just talk about those people who can appear in dreams and what their appearance means. If you dream of a person who has only one eye, then this means that someone is very jealous of you and vehemently gossips about your well-being. If a happy person appears in a dream, then this is a sign that you will have good news and good luck will accompany you in life. If you dream of a person who has no teeth, then this means that you should take care of your job, as you may lose it. If your enemy appears in a dream, then a short-term illness awaits you. If you defeat an enemy in a dream, then in reality nothing threatens you, since you have enough opportunities to withstand all troubles.

Of course, predicting your future from dreams is interesting, but you shouldn’t trust them too much. Sometimes dreams are just a compilation of moments that you accidentally remembered, but did not give it due attention.

The meaning of dreams by day of the week

You can interpret your dreams without the help of dream books. To do this, use simple rules:

  • Prophetic dreams occur on Mondays and Thursdays. On Sunday they can come true, but only if they were bright and positive
  • Tuesday dreams reflect the emotions experienced during the day. This is a projection of your thoughts, problems and feelings in the subconscious
  • Dreams on Wednesday are empty, you should not attach any significance to them
  • Friday is the time when dreams can tell you something about upcoming events in your personal life
  • Thursday's dreams will help you get advice on what you need to do next. The subconscious will tell you the answer to solve some significant problem
  • If you slept during the day, there is no point in interpreting dreams. They won't predict anything
  • Saturday dreams are not particularly significant. It’s worth deciphering them only if you dreamed about them in the morning
  • If you wake up at night and remember your dream, it’s worth remembering it. With a high degree of probability it will come true
  • A dream should not always be taken literally. Sometimes the message encrypted in night vision carries with it a hidden meaning that is important to understand. Analyze not only specific images, but also your emotions and feelings. Try to listen to yourself, and then you will understand why exactly such pictures arose in your subconscious.

    Source: tayniymir.com


Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday

So, if a girl had a dream about a guy in the first half of the week, this indicates that higher powers support her and protect her from troubles. The dreamer has inner potential, which serves as a support for her in difficult life situations. The girl is filled with energy: she has all the necessary resources to achieve her goal.

If the beginning of the week coincides with the first days of the month, you will be able to find out the long-term prognosis for your relationship with your loved one.

You should remember on what day of the week the dream occurred:

  • On the night from Sunday to Monday , it is time to act. Now is a great time to work hard and get what you want. Under no circumstances should this opportunity be missed. Intuition will sharpen, which will allow you to look at the situation from a different angle. On this night, the subconscious becomes very active. You can find out how your relationship with your other half will develop further. If the dream was realistic and colorful, it is most likely that it will come true within a month.
  • From Monday to Tuesday - on this night dreams can be of a warning nature. They often communicate dangers and threats to be expected. A date with a guy you saw in your dreams at this time can bring big troubles and serious problems. Especially if it is an ex-boyfriend or a fan who does not give way. You should also beware of an experienced seducer who seeks to win the girl’s heart and draw her into his dangerous game, and then mercilessly abandon her.
  • A plot about a guy, seen on the night from Tuesday to Wednesday , will come true only if the girl experienced positive emotions. You can simply forget about unpleasant visions: they do not warn of anything and are empty. Often happy dreams seen on Wednesday night come true literally the next day. If you happen to see a guy with whom you have built a strong relationship, this is a good omen. Most likely, they will develop into something more. The partners will want to enter into an official marriage. Their choice will be absolutely correct.
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